Franquicias en el Perú

El sector de franquicias ha tenido un comportamiento dinámico en los últimos años, lo que permite la existencia de 389 franquicias, de los cuales 150 (39%) son de capital peruano.

Franchises in Peru

The franchise sector has had a dynamic behavior in recent years, which allows the existence of 389 franchises, of which 150 (39%) are of Peruvian capital. Increasingly, Peruvian companies are betting to expand through this business model, so we can see if we know that in 2009 there were only 16 Peruvian concepts.

* The franchises guarantee a significant positioning, if we know that in the world 42% of retail sales are made through franchises.

* Its dynamism is shown when we know that every 15 minutes a new franchise store is opened, somewhere in the world

* By the transmission of Know How, allows that while 65% of independent businesses fail after 5 years, with the franchise system this percentage is reduced to 5%.

* The franchises expand because it allows accelerating the growth of the franchise owner (franchisor) and reduces the risk to the acquirer (franchisee).